NBA Players React to Paul George Trade to OKC Thunder

by June 30, 2017
paul george trade okc thunder

Just hours before the official start of NBA free agency, the OKC Thunder pulled off a blockbuster trade for Paul George, sending Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to Indiana in return.

News of the trade was a shock to fans and NBA players alike, as OKC was rarely mentioned in the sweepstakes for George.

Jazz big man Rudy Gobert joked that the Western Conference—now with yet another All-Star—is going to be be even more stacked.

Evan Fournier astutely pointed out that OKC gave up essentially flipped Serge Ibaka for George.

Joel Embiid, always thinking “Process,” rightly claimed that playoff spots are opening up right an left in the East.

Cody Zeller, Oladipo’s former teammate at Indiana University, pointed out that Oladipo is still incredibly popular in Indiana and joke, “He should run for governor while he’s at it.”

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Pacers Trade Paul George to Oklahoma City Thunder

Embiid - Playoff spots

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