NBA Players Reportedly Linked to Biogenesis PED Scandal

by July 26, 2013

According to former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer, at least one NBA player was supplied with performance-enhancing drugs from the Miami clinic’s founder Tony Bosch. So far, no names have surfaced. Per ESPN: “Porter Fischer is the man who brought the Biogenesis scandal public, by providing documents to a Miami newspaper that named MLB players as PED clients. ‘This isn’t a 2013 thing or a 2012 thing; some of these people have been on the books since 2009,’ Fischer said. Fischer said he and associates have identified athletes from the NBA, NCAA, professional boxing, tennis and MMA, in addition to other professional baseball players who have not yet been identified. As far as he knows, Fischer said, Bosch had no clients from the NFL or NHL. He said the only sports entity he has heard from was Major League Baseball. The athletes not yet publicly named come from the documents Fischer took from the clinic, documents he said another employee asked him to take for safekeeping. The number of athletes involved with the clinic, based on what he saw and heard during his time with Biogenesis, is far more than people realize, he said. ‘In just the four years that I know, it’s got to be well over a hundred, easy,’ he said. ‘It’s almost scary to think about how many people have gone through [Bosch’s treatments] and how long he’s gotten away with this.’ Bosch has been cooperating with MLB for more than a month, providing what sources have said are extensive records of his connection to 20 to 25 players. The Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun was already confronted with evidence, and he agreed to a season-ending 65-game suspension and forfeited his remaining salary for the year. Other suspensions, including for the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, are expected within the next two weeks.”