NBA Players’ Union Wants to Get Rid of the Age Limit

by December 10, 2010

Billy Hunter and the players claim they won’t acquiesce to the owners’ proposals, and have their own demands, thank you very much. ESPN reports: “The NBA owners aren’t the only ones looking to alter the landscape of the league over the next several seasons through the league’s collective bargaining agreement. While the owners want to do away with the soft salary cap and guaranteed contracts, the players hope to end the age restriction that forbids players from entering the NBA directly out of high school. ‘We want to go back to the way it was,’ a source from the National Basketball Players Association said. ‘The players have always been philosophically opposed to it. The vast majority of players feel a player should have the right to make a living. If he has the talent and wants to make money to help his family, he should have that right. It’s just a matter of principle.'”