2009-10 Schedule Released!

by August 04, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

Too much information! We knew the schedule was coming out today, so folks here at the Dome began an early discussion to kick off the day. It was hard talking matchups with this in the background, but we managed a quick list.


You know, nothing too difficult. I walk out to the deli to grab lunch and by the time I return to the computer, the inbox is stuffed with emails from almost half the NBA, telling me every little detail about their schedule for the ’09-10 season.

I pop open my soda, nosh on a sandwich and begin to read. And the information is actually pretty interesting. It’s mostly trivial tidbits, but it sure beats the litany of lunchtime blogs I’m used to reading.

The problem is, I’m an information guy. And when I’m presented with a bunch of data, I get into it like I’m a fantasy commissioner playing for a 30-stack pot. I jump, I swim. I find the deep end. I look for a place to rest. I drown.

That said, I don’t feel like drowning today (or giving you any more whacked-out analogies, or making you wait any longer for this post), so here are the facts that stood out to me about the ’09-10 NBA schedule. Of course, I missed a few things, so fill me in.

What are you looking forward to watching this season?

— The NBA is pushing two things: the Orlando Magic (Orlando has 24 national television games scheduled) and Blake Griffin (13 games featured on national television!).

— OK, so the NBA is pushing a third thing: the Denver Nuggets (29 national TV games!).

— The NBA season tips off on TNT with a double-header, featuring the Magic/Celtics and, wait for it… Lakers/Clippers?! (Blake, you have no excuse if you don’t win the ROY.)

— The NBA dropped the ball on Christmas. Sure there’s the Cavs/Lakers, Blazers/Nuggets and Magic/Celtics (again), but there’s also the Knicks/Heat and Suns/Clippers (The first Christmas game for the Clippers since 1992? Damn, Blake!). Did we already forget about the Celtics/Bulls? If you must show New York, why not pit them against the Suns and set Vegas on fire with a 300 over/under?

— Beginning January 8, the Warriors play 18 of 24 games at home. If that doesn’t please fans, nothing will.

— Do teams play back-to-back sets of home games anymore?