NBA Says Refs Blew Four Calls at the End of Game 2

by June 09, 2015

The NBA admitted Monday that its referees made four key errors late in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Despite the Cavs’ dramatic 95-93 overtime win to even up the series with the Golden State Warriors, people in Cleveland were apoplectic about the lack of calls for their team at crunch time.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

LeBron James was indeed fouled by Andre Iguodala with 1:37 left in overtime, the league acknowledged, although the report conceded James should’ve been called for a travel on the same play.


Also, the Warriors’ Draymond Green twice committed fouls on jump balls that were not called — once at the start of overtime against Tristan Thompson and later against James, who complained at the time Green grabbed his shoulder. The league agreed with him on Monday.


All other calls and noncalls were deemed accurate. That includes the no-call on James at the end of regulation when he drove to the rim, but missed the shot. The league ruled Iguodala’s contact with him was incidental, while Green maintained proper positioning under the league’s “rule of verticality.”