NBA Shelves Gilbert Arenas Merchandise

by January 13, 2010

The League won’t be making any money off Arenas while he serves his suspension. (Hell, they might erase him from the record books at this rate.) The Wizards, though, are more than happy to sell you a Gil shirt: “I asked the NBA what this was all about, and I was given this statement: ‘Given the circumstances surrounding his current suspension we do not feel it’s appropriate to continue selling Gilbert Arenas merchandise at the NBA Store or’ The same policy has previously been applied to other suspended players, I was told. On the other hand, five of the first six jerseys displayed at the Wizards’ online store are Gilbert’s. (The Wizards’ online store is run by a third party, neither the team nor the NBA.) And while the team store in the Verizon Center famously stopped displaying Gilbert’s jersey, I’m told if you ask for one at the counter, they’re actually still for sale.”