NBA to Create a League-Wide Policy on Concussions?

by March 09, 2011

The issue of concussions has come to the forefront in the NBA this season to a small degree, and the League appears to be taking it seriously. From the AP: “The NBA is consulting with an independent neurologist and may establish a league-wide policy for handling concussions by next season, The Associated Press has learned. NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed the discussions Tuesday. ‘The NBA Team Physicians Society has been studying the issue of concussion management for several years and each team follows its own treatment and return-to-play protocols,’ he said. ‘In addition, the league is working with a consulting neurologist concerning the possible adoption of a league-wide protocol.’ The move would bring the NBA more in line with both the NHL and the NFL. In just the last four weeks, six NBA players have missed games because of concussions or concussion-like symptoms.”