NBA to Start Punishing Floppers

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

As you know, Commissioner David Stern and the NBA are on the warpath against the disease that is flopping.

Fans and media hate it, and rightfully so. Stern has made it his mission to punish those who flop.

Pretty soon, the League will announce a policy that fully addresses the issue.

From the NY Times:

After years of complaints, the N.B.A. finally appears ready to outlaw flopping — the act of exaggerating contact to induce a foul call. League officials are still deliberating the specifics, but the policy will probably involve a postgame review, rather than an in-game ruling by referees, according to a spokesman.

The most likely penalty will be a fine. Whether the league will increase fines for repeat offenders, or even suspend habitual floppers, is not yet clear. The new rules are expected to be finalized in the next few weeks and instituted for the coming season. Making flopping an in-game infraction has also been discussed, but it would be tough to determine without the benefit of replay. It would also place a greater burden on referees, who gathered this week for their annual training camp.

Vlade Divac must be rolling over in his grave.