NBA to Take a ‘Fresh Look’ at All-Star Fan Voting

by January 28, 2016

Given the latest round of complaints from NBA players about the large role fans play in determining who starts in the all-important All-Star Game, Commissioner Adam Silver diplomatically says the League will take a “fresh look” at the whole process.

Silver admits that social media has, in Silicon Valley parlance, has been somewhat “disruptive” to the system.

The Commish also addressed the nomination of Tyronn Lue to coach the Eastern Conference All-Stars despite having been on the job for only a few days.

Per USA Today:

“On (fan) balloting, it’s something we’ll continue to look at,” Silver said. ”We love the fact that fans have input into who the All-Stars are. As social media changes the world and is disruptive, it’s been mildly disruptive to our balloting systems as well. I know that’s something we’ll take a fresh look at.”


Translation: the days of high-profile celebrities like Justin Bieber or Drake having a significant impact on voting may not last. Because fans can vote via Twitter by using the player’s name and the hashtag #NBAVote, musicians and athletes alike have offered their support for players who they believe should be in the game. […] The most curious case of all involved Dallas center Zaza Pachulia, who somehow finished fifth in the Western Conference among frontcourt players. The Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green, who has been so good this season that some consider him a fringe MVP candidate, trailed him by more than 40,000 votes. The suspected culprit there, it seemed, was the tireless social media work of popular Internet personality Hayes Grier (3.2 million followers on Twitter; with social media synergy by way of his Vine following of 4.3 million followers).


In the East, there was some unfounded speculation that the recent firing of Cavs coach David Blatt might prompt the league to pick the Raptors’ Dwayne Casey (whose team is second in the East with a record of 30-15). […] “In the East, the team with the best record and the coach of that team, according to our rules, the All-Star coach,” Silver said. “In this case, it’s Ty Lue, and he’s the coach. Remember, he was the associate head coach of the team, and every head coach in this league will tell you it’s not just him or her, it’s their entire staff, and that’s how rules work…There was no discussion about Dwane Casey becoming the coach of the East.”