NCAA Considering Change?

by August 01, 2010

ESPN has the NCAA’s exploration of agent-player relations covered: “The NCAA Amateurism Cabinet has begun looking at ways NCAA athletes could have contact with agents and retain their eligibility, but no timetable has been set for any new rules to be put into effect. The topic has been a volatile one in recent days, as a number of high-profile football players — including several in the SEC — have been questioned about offseason dealings with agents. But the Amateurism Cabinet, at its June meeting, began discussing ways to allow athletes to get advice, but not benefits, from agents…’This is on our radar screen and we’re in the information gathering stage,’ Baylor law professor and faculty athletics representative Mike Rogers, chair of the Amateurism Cabinet, told’s Dana O’Neil. ‘One of our overriding concerns is getting accurate and non-biased information to get meaningful decisions. We’re going to be wide open to suggestions.’ In a statement, the NCAA said that it ‘has begun preliminary discussions about our current agent and advisor legislation. We need to ensure that those select student-athletes with professional athletic opportunities have the best information at the right time to make informed decisions.’ Several prominent conference commissioners, including Mike Slive of the SEC and Dan Beebe of the Big 12, have suggested that allowing agents to have some contact would actually help clean up college sports…The NCAA cautioned that no wholesale changes in its rules about agents are expected.”