Nellie: ‘Minnesota Has Opening, I Don’t Have a Job’

by July 16, 2011

Reports are quickly legitimizing the fact that Don Nelson may officially get Minnesota’s head coaching position. From the Star-Tribune: “But that’s not the reason Nelson wants a job that opened when the Wolves finally, officially fired Kurt Rambis on Tuesday, and it’s not the reason he already has talked with Wolves boss David Kahn for about 40 minutes by phone and plans to talk with him again sometime this weekend. ‘They have an opening,” Nelson said, “and I don’t have a job.’ Even at age 71? Even with 1,335 career victories behind him? Even with that beach home beckoning in January, $6 million in the bank for not coaching Golden State last season and recently returned from a month’s European vacation? ‘I’m a lifer,’ Nelson said. ‘I love basketball. I don’t know how else to put it.'”