Nets Believe They’ll Keep Deron Williams Long-Term

by April 21, 2011

Based on talks he’s had with the star point guard, GM Billy King feels emboldened enough to tell the media he’s confident the New Jersey Nets will get Deron Williams to re-up for the long haul. From the NY Post: “Nets general manager Billy King said he believes his team will be able to sign All-Star point guard Deron Williams to a long-term extension once the NBA and its players reach a new collective bargaining agreement. Last week, in his first appearance with the media after his wrist surgery, Williams expressed interest in staying with the Nets and being part of the franchise as it moves to Brooklyn for the 2012-13 season. Williams has one more year on his contract and then an option for another year at $17.7 million, but he would like a long-term maximum deal. He was acquired in a trade with Utah during the season. ‘My thoughts haven’t changed from the minute we traded for him (in February),’ King said Wednesday, when he reviewed the Nets’ 24-58 season. ‘The more we talk and the more I get to know him, I can sense that he knows the goal of this franchise. We’ve had some great conversations and I can tell we’re on the same page moving forward. It’s nice to hear that he wants to stay here and that’s good to know. What others might have said doesn’t matter. You should take what he said and what I said as being the real deal.'”