Nets Holding Open Tryouts for New PA Announcer

by September 30, 2011

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for — the chance to scream into a mic during Brooklyn Nets games. The NY Post reports: “The Nets want a new voice for their move to Brooklyn — even if its owner has a thick-as-an-egg-cream accent like Borough President Marty Markowitz. The club — which moves into the under-construction Barclays Center next fall — is holding open tryouts tomorrow to find a new in-game public-address announcer. ‘We’re looking for a fresh voice — people with a booming, dynamic voice that’ll make the building shake,’ said Petra Pope, the Nets senior vice president of event marketing. Pope said it would ‘nice’ — but not required — for the PA announcer to be from Brooklyn, adding that even someone with a Brooklynese accent like Markowitz has a shot. ‘We love Marty,’ she said. ‘I bet he’d really get people excited.’ Markowitz, who’s more suited to waxing poetic on the finer qualities of Brooklyn cheesecake than Brook Lopez dunks, said he already has his ‘dream job’ but is rooting for another local to get the gig. ‘As far as I’m concerned the thicker their accent, the better!’ said Markowitz. The team is replacing longtime PA announcer Gary Sussman, who’ll stay on as the Nets vice president of public relations.”