Nets Looking to Make Trades Prior to Deadline

by December 14, 2010

Billy King’s phone and inbox will be busy prior to the February 24th deadline. The Star-Ledger reports: “The Nets will likely make some kind of deal by the deadline, King said [yesterday] after Nets practice. ;We’ll probably do some deals before the deadline, I’m pretty sure,’ King said. ‘When you have your record like we are, you’ve got to do some things to get better.” The Nets are 6-18 and currently on a seven-game losing streak. To be fair, they have lost to the Lakers, the Mavericks, the Hawks, the Thunder and the red-hot Knicks in that skein, but still, they have had opportunities to win and have not done it. King said whatever deal he makes will be for the long term and not just for the short term. He would not address questions regarding Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony (who supposedly has told the Nuggets he will not sign an extension with any team he is traded to unless it is the Knicks) but said if, hypothetically, a player such as Anthony is not available to the Nets, he will find some other deal he believes will help his team.”