Nets Pass on Tyrus Thomas; Re-signs with Bobcats

The Star-Ledger‘s Dave D’Alessandro has some fiery words about Thomas, who wasn’t worth the investment for the Nets, despite their early courtship: “They backed out this morning – presumably – because it took this long to convince Avery Johnson that it would be a foolhardy investment: Face it, this kid had problems with Scott Skiles, he would have had some problems with A.J. The only reason a kinder, gentler, more nurturing Larry Brown got three good months out of him was by saying, “You’re three months away from the end of your NBA career – Chicago wasn’t going to pick up your option, they traded you here for a backup two-guard, and we’re not going to pick up your option either unless you shape up and grow up.” It worked. The Bobcats even picked up his option. And then, to keep the Nets at bay, they made him absurdly rich for a third-rate power forward. Nice investment there, MJ. We talked to someone in the Bulls organization and asked how this could have happened, and he replied, “First dates can fool you sometimes. But he’s still one of those guys who you’re glad when he leaves.”