Nets ‘Really Concerned’ About Shelden Williams’ Eye Injury

A poke to the eye by Tyler Hansbrough landed Shelden Williams in the hospital last night, and his coach says that the team is gravely concerned about the eye injury. Per the NY Post: “Nets rookie Jordan Williams took an elbow in the head from Pacers center Roy Hibbert and suffered what was called a mild concussion. He was around by the end of the night. Shelden Williams, however, who suffered a right eye injury, was not. Shelden Williams was sent to Hackensack University Medical Center for further examinations, and the Nets sounded ominous about his status. ‘We haven’t received an update on Shelden,’ said coach Avery Johnson, who was hoping to hear some news Wednesday night. ‘Jordan had a mild — really mild — concussion, so we took him out for observations. We think he’s going to be OK. … [But] we’re really concerned about Shelden.’ Shelden Williams is the only Net to have played in every game. They have been bitten for 185 manpower games lost.”