Nets Turn ‘Baghead-gate’ into Marketing Opportunity

Brett Yormark tried to make the best of an ugly and embarrassing situation. The Star-Ledger reports: “The Nets had a ‘Bag Exchange’ Wednesday night, when all fans were invited to turn in their bags for a nylon bag with the Nets logo on it, and a note from Yormark himself. The note read, ‘Thanks for letting us see your face, we hope we see it more often at Nets games – Regards, Brett Yormark.’ The team did not promote the exchange beforehand; they merely instructed personnel to identify bag-wearers and offer to make the swap. The nylon bag will also include trading cards. As for the original perpetrator, a gentleman from Morristown who was seated with his brother in the second row, Yormark said he invited him over for a bag lunch next week. ‘We might stream it live on our website, so all the fans can enjoy a nice constructive conversation about the team, because he was expressing his disgust the other night,’ Yormark said. ‘Again, the tickets he received were free, and I thought it was inappropriate, so he expressed himself and I expressed myself.’ As for that bag lunch, let’s guess: He’ll be serving chicken salad.”