We Have a New Website

by May 20, 2014

So, yo: we have a new site. If you’ve been around here before, this much should be pretty obvious.

We now have five category hubs: NBAKicksPhotos/VideosCollege/High School and Magazine. Feel free to bookmark each individually, then make the main site your homepage. It’s what Jesus (Shuttlesworth) would want.

To celebrate, we’ve unloaded some content that has us feeling both nostalgic for the past and optimistic about the future. We decided to turn the clock back—way back—with a slideshow of images that appeared in the very first issue of SLAM in early ’94. (Shouts to SP the Ghost for the assist.) It’s a nice reminder that 1994 was a looong time ago. We’ll have looks at our second and third issues up shortly, too.

Assuming your favorite team is participating in tonight’s NBA Lottery, you’re probably a fan of a squad that was pretty horrendous this past season. Trust us, though: not nearly as horrendous as the ’72-73 Philadelphia 76ers, who were coached by the wildly overmatched Roy Rubin. Our feature on Rubin from our most recent issue is live now. (It includes the phrase “a parade of gorgeous hookers;” obviously you should read it.)

Plus, we’ve got a look at the multifaceted sneaker history of the great Kevin Garnett, whose possibly finished career began well before any of us could comprehend the term “website redesign;” the official announcement of the 2014 SLAM High School All-Americans, a group of up-and-comers whose names you should learn immediately; a piece about Coney Island-bred, Seton Hall-bound Isaiah Whitehead, who will remind you of Lance Stephenson in more ways than one; and a gallery of NBA players staring at computers, just because we hear computers are the new wave.

We’re still cleaning up some bugs around the site, but feel free to hit us at trashtalk@harris-pub.com with any feedback, comments and questions about the new design. (And yes: We’re still making a monthly magazine, both in print and digitally.) Without your continued support none of this goes down in the first place, so a big thanks to all of you for regularly visiting the site, or even just stopping by every once in a while. You’re the real MVPs.