New York Knicks Hire ‘Kevin Durant’s Guy’ Brian Keefe

by September 04, 2014

Kevin Durant will become an unrestricted free agent two summers from now, and in the meantime, media and fans have been reduced to reading the tea leaves based on moves made by NBA teams (no matter how seemingly innocuous) that will have cap space in 2016.

New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher filled out his staff of assistants Wednesday, but one hiring in particular has the NY Post speculating on a grander scheme being possibly at play here:

Durant, a free agent in 2016, is very close to [Brian] Keefe, according to an NBA source. Keefe had been with Oklahoma City for seven seasons — the first two as developmental coach — before being promoted to assistant. The hire, unofficially made in mid-July, can’t hurt the Knicks’ pitch for Durant if they still have cap space to spend that summer.


“He’s Durant’s guy,’’ the league source said.


During last season, Durant noted Keefe had put him in his place regarding body language and attitude.