Nicolas Batum Says LaMarcus Aldridge Doesn’t Want to Be Traded

by August 23, 2013

According to Blazers teammate Nicolas Batum (who echoes the team’s front office), star forward LaMarcus Aldridge hasn’t been pushing for a trade. Per HoopsHype: “How do you like the moves the Blazers have made this offseason? NB: ‘They’ve made some good moves. We improved our bench a lot. We kept the same starting lineup but they tried to strengthen our bench and that’s good for us. Maurice Williams, Dorell Wright, Thomas Robinson… All those guys are good for us.’ What was the best move this offseason? NB: ‘(Improving) the point guard position. Now we have three point guards like Damian [Lillard], who won Rookie of the Year last season, Maurice Williams, who can start on any team and will be a backup for us this season, Earl Watson…’ What is a realistic goal for you this season? NB: ‘I think the playoffs. We have to try to get a spot and we have the team to do it. Get a good spot and go from there.’ […] There have been these rumors that (Aldridge) has privately demanded a trade from Portland… NB: ‘I heard that too and I laughed when I read that. He doesn’t want to get traded, he wants the team to get better. LaMarcus is a winner.’ He has told you that? NB: /I mean, I know that’s what he wants. We had two bad seasons and missed the playoffs and wants the team to improve. I think he didn’t ask for a trade. He wants to stay and win with the Blazers. He just wants a better team around him so we can get back to the playoffs.'”