Nike Announces Tournament of Champions Rosters, Schedule

by August 13, 2013


The Nike Tournament of Champions commences tomorrow, with a collection of the nation’s best streetball players gathering in New York City to compete for the TOC title. On Wednesday, August 14, and Thursday, August 15, the regional Nike squads—New York, Philly, Chicago, Goodman League (D.C.) and Los Angeles—will play outdoors at West 4th, Gershwin, and Dyckman Parks to determine seeding. Then, on Friday and Saturday, the team’s will compete in the Semifinals and Championship at Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn.

Below is a full schedule for the TOC, followed by the rosters of all five teams.


Wednesday, August 14th, @ West 4th
12:00pm NYC vs DC
Wednesday, August 14th @ Gershwin Park
6:30pm Phi vs LA
8:30pm Chi vs NYC
Thursday, August 15th @ West 4th
12:0pm DC vs LA
2:00pm Phi vs Chi
Thursday, August 15th @ Dyckman Park
6:30pm DC vs Chi
8:30pm LA vs NYC

Friday, August 16th @ Duggal Greenhouse
10:00am Philly vs DC (men)
12:00pm NJ vs Phi (HS boys)
2:00pm NY vs DC (HS Boys)
4:00pm LA vs Chi (men)
6:00pm NYC vs Phi (men)
8:00pm Summer is Serious Game ( Team Harden vs Team Durant)

Saturday, August 17th @Duggal Greenhouse
10:00am High School Girls
12:00pm Adult Women
2:00pm Men’s Semis
4:00pm Men’s Semis
6:00pm High School Boys
8:00pm Adult Men
10pm Special Guest Performance


New York
Head Coach: Bingo Cole
Kenny Satterfield
Gary Erving
Zamal Nixon
Jeremy Hazell
Marvin Roberts
Quinton Hosley
Kavon Lytch
Al Sheppard
Delroy James
Kirk Williams
Curtis Kelly
Vernon Goodrich

Head Coach: Carl Harris

Billy Baptist
Jamarcus Ellis
DeAndre Thomas
Jonathan Mills
Anthony F. Bennett Jr.
Chris Singletary
Emmanuel Xavier Lee Little
Stefhon Hannah
Osiris Eldridge
Tyrone Kent
Casey Love III
Ronnie G. Carlwell Jr.

Head Coach: Ellis Gindraw

Scoop Jardine
Dionte Christmas
Mark Tyndale
Aaron Johnson
Matt Walsh
Ramone Moore
Mike Cook
Sharif Bray
Mike Keyes
Kyle Hines
Kareem Williams
McKal Stibbins
Ellis Gindraw
Mike Morakm
Rahim Thompson

Goodman League (D.C.)
Head Coach: Bryant Wilson

Rycourt Maccauley
Devin Spenser
Corey Almond
Warren Jefferson
Donte Nicholas
Larry Green
David Bailey
Ater James Majok
Antonio Hymon
Randy Gill
Roscoe Johnson

Los Angeles
Head Coach: Kelly Williams
Brandon Heath
Marcus Williams
Casper Ware
Bobby Brown
Eugene Hasson Phelps
Scott Cutley
Kwame Alexander
Jonathan Gibson
Mike Efevberha
Julian Emil Jamaal Wright
Tyrone Riley