No, Renaldo, You are Not Missed

by March 31, 2009

Mike D’Antoni reassures Balkman that, despite his claims, the Knicks don’t regret trading him away: “First of all, who’s that?” D’Antoni was about to walk away from the conversation when he realized it was a bit cold — even for the player we all know by the nickname, ‘Cool’ — and explained. ‘We don’t have regrets, no,’ he said. ‘We only had him for a little bit and he wasn’t going to play a whole lot. We don’t’ regret playing [Wilson Chandler] a lot of minutes and that would be taking Will’s minutes away and Gallo’s minutes. Now, we didn’t know that Gallo was going to be hurt like that, but when we made the trade we thought Gallo would take all the minutes up. It would be kind of crazy for even him to want to be there. So that was the thought behind it.'”