Nuggets Owner Purchases NFL’s St Louis Rams

Stan Kroenke is taking his talents to the land of the NFL, leaving his son to handle Denver’s hoops team. From the Denver Post: “As followers of the NFL, particularly those emotionally attached to the St. Louis Rams, were introduced to Stan Kroenke on Wednesday, many Denver-area sports fans were technically waving goodbye. By unanimous approval, NFL owners voted to approve Kroenke’s full purchase of the Rams. To comply with the NFL’s cross-ownership policy, Kroenke will transfer by year’s end the financial interest of the NHL’s Avalanche and the NBA’s Nuggets to his son, Josh. Denver, it seems, will soon become well acquainted with the work of Josh Walton Kroenke. ‘Josh Kroenke, in my view, has been ready to take over the Nuggets for a couple of years,’ Stan Kroenke said. ‘I just haven’t put him in that position. He was — and still is — very young, but he’s had his 10,000 hours, if you read Malcolm Gladwell. Josh is ready to do that.’ Josh Kroenke is 30 years old and stands a shooting guard-sized 6-feet-4 which he was at the University of Missouri for coach Quin Snyder. Josh was born, raised and educated in Columbia, Mo. Besides holding the controlling interests of the Avalanche and the Nuggets, he will have executive decision-making powers with the Nuggets. And he will be baptized with an emotionally charged issue: keeping high-scoring superstar Carmelo Anthony in Denver.”