Nuggets To Sit Down with Melo

by Ryne Nelson

As soon as the Denver hires a new GM, the Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony are expected to have a frank discussion about Melo’s future with the franchise.

From Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post:

Nuggets management is expected to sit down with Melo some time after the team names a general manager, which it is expected to do next week. Former Suns executive David Griffin is the leading candidate.

This should clear up some of the hot air surrounding the situation. The Nuggets have tried to retain their star by offering a three-year, $65 million contract extension (which Melo has yet to accept). The franchise’s best option might be to trade him for the best available offer.

The Post also reports that Chauncey Billups and other teammates have expressed their support while Melo mulls his options.