O.J. Mayo: ‘I’ll Be Back Soon’

by August 16, 2016

O.J. Mayo spoke publicly for the first time since he was “dismissed” from the NBA for violating the anti-drug program, vowing that he’ll be back in the League soon.

Mayo, 28, says he has appealed the two-year suspension.

The free agent guard is recovering from foot surgery.

Per TMZ:

The league handed down the punishment back in July — and said he’ll be eligible to apply for reinstatement in 2 years. The league has not released any details about the substance that triggered the violation.


But when we got Mayo out in L.A. Monday he told us he’s not taking the situation lying down — saying he filed an appeal and the process is already “in the works.”


As for the alleged violation, Mayo says he will tell his side of the story soon — and noted that he’s been focused on recovering from recent foot surgery.