Omri Casspi Doesn’t Want to Be in Sacramento Anymore

Casspi basically asked for a trade from the Kings by publishing a column on an Israeli website. Interesting tactic. From the Jerusalem Post: “It’s not easy for me to sit on the bench, which has happened to me quite a bit in Sacramento’s last few games,’ Casspi wrote in a column published on Israeli sports website ONE … ‘The situation in Sacramento is not like it used to be in the past. Coach Paul Westphal is experimenting and trying different things and I’m certainly not in his plans. We have six more games until the end of the season, and although I won’t say that I’m counting the seconds, it is clear to me that I will have to make some decisions at the end of the year … I know that there are many teams, including some playoff teams, that want me ahead of next season,’ he wrote. ‘I hope to find myself in a team that appreciates me as a player and a person, a team that plays like a team. I still don’t know if I will definitely not be continuing with the Kings. I’ve got a contract and love the fans, the city, the owner and the general manager. But things haven’t worked out and that is legitimate. Sacramento is the team that gave me the chance to play in the NBA so it would be egotistical of me to say I want to leave, but I’m certain that I’m good enough to play, whether it is for the Kings or another team. Clearly the current situation is not ideal for the team and for me. There are other teams which suit me better and since I have an excellent relationship with the players and the staff, I hope that they appreciate me enough to let me leave for a place where I can play basketball.'”