Oscar Robertson: Russell Westbrook is the MVP

by April 10, 2017

Oscar Robertson has been cheering on Russell Westbrook throughout his historic run this season, and published a gushing piece about the superstar guard after Westbrook broke Robertson’s triple-doubles record Sunday.

The Hall of Famer says Russ is the NBA’s most valuable player.

The Big O has no interest in comparing his own era to the one Russ is currently playing in: he’s too busy enjoying watching history get re-written.


My vote is for Westbrook, and hereโ€™s why:


1.) He took over the offense for the Oklahoma City Thunder after Kevin Durantโ€™s blockbuster departure for the Golden State Warriors as a free agent changed the teamโ€™s composition.


2.) This season, he beats any other guard in a head-to-head matchup.


3.) Most important, he should be rewarded for his outstanding play this season and his career-making individual accomplishments.

Oscar Robertson Wants Russell Westbrook to Average a Triple-Double