Otis Smith Wants Gilbert Arenas to Play Less Hoops; Arenas Disagrees

by June 23, 2011

Otis Smith, the Orlando Magic GM who is considered a good friend to Gilbert Arenas, wants the guard to train less. Which Arenas, though in a joking mood, isn’t really trying to hear. From the Sentinel and Gil’s Twitter page: “The thing I have to fight with him on a daily basis is the the guys who are basketball players, that love to play basketball, like to play basketball all the time, year-round. And he’s one of those guys,’ Smith said. ‘He’s a gym rat. That’s counter-productive for him. He actually has to play little to no basketball up until September and then he can pick up a ball and start shooting. Guys who are that skilled get those things back.’ When Arenas was struggling this season, he often spoke of his dominance in pick-up basketball over the summer. Arenas played with Tracy McGrady and several other NBA players last offseason. This offseason, however, it appears Arenas’ team doesn’t want him playing any ball.”

“Sumbody tell OTIS I’m a professional BASKETBALL PLAYER..I’m not tryin to be the best at EXERCISING let’s save that for 45 and over ppl haha.”