By Sam Rubenstein

I’ve seen people argue on our site about various rankings of basketball players, front offices, and TV announcers. I’m with you in each of those conversations, but I’d like to share something “off the ball” so to speak that’s got me upset. This is pure B.S.

The other day, a friend of mine sent me a link to this video essay in the New York Times. It’s one of the more f’ed up things you’ll see, the story of the Detroit corpse collector. Watch the video, then come back.

Sick, right? Anyways, because of that video, Mike Thomas has lost his job. At the end of today’s story, it says that Mike has been talking to some entertainment industry people – oh, he’s also a rapper by the way – but who knows how that will work out. On a day when much of the media is rallying behind the cause of the SF Chronicle reporters who could go to jail cause they won’t sell out their sources, I hope people still have time to recognize the plight of the Detroit corpse collector.