Pacers Owner Wants Larry Bird to Remain Team’s President

by August 21, 2011

Despite rumors that none other than Reggie Miller may be replacing Larry Bird in the Indiana Pacers’ front office, the franchise’s owner recently told the Indy Star that he hopes the Celtics legend holds onto his position as president: “I could hear the chants of ‘Reggie, Reggie’ from Pacers fans while on vacation in Florida when Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that owner Herb Simon has his eyes on Pacers icon Reggie Miller to possibly succeed Larry Bird when he finally steps away, which could be next summer. Miller may eventually become president of the Pacers one of these days, but if Simon has his choice at the moment he’d rather have Bird stay in his current position as long as possible. When asked via email if he or anybody else has talked to people, including Donnie Walsh, to get their thoughts about Miller in the Pacers front office, Simon said, ‘No..hoping Larry stays as long as he wants.’ The Pacers started doing background checks on possible replacements for Bird last season when Pacers Sports and Entertainment president Jim Morris made calls around the league about potential candidates. Bird planned to walk away from the job when he met with Simon in May but decided to stick around a little while longer. The Pacers will likely do the same thing again this year because they have to be prepared to have a replacement for Bird. There aren’t many people who think Bird will remain as president beyond this season (if there’s a season). Bird seems to change his mind as much as people change their underwear.”