Pat Riley Forces Beasley to Wear Knee Brace

by February 16, 2010

Remember, Michael. Riley is in charge, and is (apparently) always watching: “After declaring he was done with his knee problem and the accompanying brace on Friday, Beasley not only was back in the brace by halftime of that night’s Rookie-Sophomore game, he was also in it for Monday’s practice. Beasley wants no part of the brace and feels that it is slowing him down at this point. The Heat believes he needs to protect his hyperextended knee for at least a few more games. The semi-power struggle played out behind the scenes during Friday’s game. Actually, it wasn’t a power struggle at all. The moment team president Pat Riley saw Beasley flying through the sky and dunking with naked knees, the call went out from and ultimately got to Sophomore team coach Patrick Ewing. Next thing we knew, Beas was bucking the brace request, until it became a brace demand. From what I understand, it was either a strap up or sit down proposition. Rightfully so.  ‘The man upstairs called Pat Ewing on me,’ a hilariously animated Beasley said Monday in jest. ‘I had no choice. When The Man makes the call, I had to do it.”‘