Pat Riley Hints at Coaching Again

by May 04, 2010

Riles tells the assembled press that he’s confident the Heat will re-sign D-Wade, and who knows, he might even pick up a clipboard again someday. Better brush up that CV, Erik Spoelstra. From the Miami Herald: “Two months before the Heat’s roster is expected to be dramatically reshaped, president Pat Riley said Monday he has agreed to remain with the franchise beyond the expiration of his contract this summer and would not rule out a return to coaching. Riley also said he is ‘very confident’ the team will be able to re-sign Dwyane Wade. Asked if he could rule out coaching again, Riley said, ‘Why should I give an answer to that? Why should [a reporter] demand from me what I want to do with the rest of my life and to make a commitment that if I do something two months from now, I will get lambasted for doing it or not doing it. Don’t lay that on me. I will do whatever is in the best interests of building a team here. Period. Whatever it takes. I will let you fill in the blanks. Don’t allow me the opportunity that I can’t coach again.’ Riley went on to say, ‘If some free agent were to say, I will come here but you must do this,’ well, hell, if that happens that day, then I might have to give it some thought based on building this franchise. I don’t think that’s compromising any integrity. But give me the space to be able to do that without having to be definitively owned to it today.”’