Pau Gasol Described Getting Dunked on By Blake Griffin as a ‘Hit-and-Run’

by April 05, 2012

The Lakers may have pulled out the big intra-city win last night, but all anyone wants to discuss are the two monster jams by Blake Griffin, which victimized Pau Gasol. The Laker big describes what that awful experience was like. Per ESPN: “You don’t really see what happened,’ Gasol said. ‘It was quick, a hit-and-run kind of thing, right? The ball went in, I was on my ass, I woke up, I stood up and told the referee I had a f*cking forearm on my face, on my throat, and that’s something that needs to be looked at. But it happened too quick. I didn’t realize.’ While Gasol was still trying to figure out what had happened, the entire Clippers bench was jumping up and down before spending the next couple of minutes trying to decide where Griffin’s dunk on Gasol ranked on his ever-growing list of highlights. ‘It was crazy,’ Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe said. ‘The bench actually tried to compare it to the Perkins dunk. They said [the one on Gasol] was better. We’ll see, though. That was another YouTube highlight. … It can definitely [throw a player off], especially when you know you’re gonna be all over ‘SportsCenter’ tomorrow.’ Gasol admitted he probably would watch the dunk, if nothing else to see what everyone, including his teammates, was talking about after the game. ‘I’ll probably watch it, just because,’ Gasol said with a smile. ‘I don’t really have a great desire of watching it. But my teammates told me it was a pretty impressive play.’ […] As he stood in the center of the Clippers’ locker room after the game wearing a Bo Jackson T-shirt, the last thing Griffin was focused on was his poster-worthy dunks in the game. ‘I hoped it would give us momentum,’ Griffin said. ‘It might have. I don’t know, but we’re not really thinking about that now. We’re not thinking about a dunk that didn’t mean anything. I have to play better than I did.’ Despite finishing with 15 points and 14 rebounds, Griffin had hit only three of 10 shots outside of his two dunks midway through the third quarter and was not nearly as aggressive as he needed to be. It might have been overlooked if the Clippers had won the game but it was something Griffin talked to coaches and teammates about after the game. ‘It was an exciting play,’ said Clippers guard Chris Paul, who finished with 22 points and 16 assists. ‘But at the end of the day, we lost, so who cares?’”