Pau Gasol is Stronger, Calls Himself a ‘Beast’

by July 27, 2012

Pau Gasol apparently bulked up over the summer, and he now considers himself a beast of some sort. Per Reuters: “I have been preparing myself and working to get better this summer,’ Gasol said. ‘First for the Olympics and to perform at a high level to be able to achieve our goal, and then when the Olympics are over, take a little break and continue to prepare myself for what’s going to be a very demanding (NBA) season, a season where we (the Lakers) want to get back on top as a team.’ NBA teammate Kobe Bryant took notice after Gasol led Spain with 19 points in an exhibition game defeat to the United States in Barcelona on Tuesday. Bryant said the 7-foot, 32-year-old Gasol looked stronger, absorbing contact and pushing back in an impressive display that boded well for future Lakers’ success. ‘I’m a beast,’ Gasol said. ‘Yeah, I feel pretty good. I feel strong.'”