Pau Gasol on the Bulls: ‘We’re Not Disciplined’

by February 01, 2016

The Chicago Bulls lost in disheartening fashion Sunday to the LA Clippers, and following their 120-93 road blowout, center Pau Gasol called out his team for a lack of discipline.

Gasol’s criticisms were echoed by head coach Fred Hoiberg, who added that inconsistency has been a season-long issue.

Chicago allowed a franchise-record tying-17 three-pointers.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

Pau Gasol: “The lack of consistency is very noticeable. It’s nothing new. There’s no discovery here. … It’s frustrating. But it’s been frustrating. Let’s see if we put an end to it. Right now, it’s still kind of the same. We’re not disciplined. We’re not. That’s it. It’s true. It’s a fact.” […] Jimmy Butler: “No answers. I don’t know why we do that. … But we let guys do whatever they want out there. We weren’t putting bodies on people, not rebounding, letting guys get to their strengths. That’s will. Defense is all about toughness. And when we’re not guarding anybody, we don’t look very tough.”


Derrick Rose: “It’s been the story of the year. I watch a lot of basketball and the only thing I can think of is just the effort and sticking with the game plan.” […] And, finally, Hoiberg: “We are a really good team when things are going well and we play with a swagger and confidence. But we lose that. We put our heads down when we hit a little tough stretch.”


So how do the Bulls break the pattern? How do they end the maddening up-and-down nature of this season? […] “Every game, you have to be aware and conscientious that there’s an issue,” Gasol said. “You have to put forth the effort on a daily basis to change it.”