Pau Gasol Prefers ‘European Style of Basketball’ in the NBA

by October 18, 2011

I have no clue what “European style of basketball” means, but I’m sure that won’t stop many from crucifying Pau Gasol for saying that’s his preference. Per Ball in Europe: “The ACB official website (and just about every other Spanish-language outlet for sports news) offers a lengthy piece on Pau Gasol, based on interviews with French newspaper L’Equipe. Highlighted in the Spanish league reportage is Pau’s line to the effect that ‘I prefer the European game in the NBA because basketball is a team sport and is more beautiful to watch when players pass the ball or when ball movement creates shots.’ (Gods know what language this interview took place in, so bear in mind that this quote is probably emerging by way of English to French to Spanish and back to English; however, surely the sentiment survives through this mutant translation.) Gasol also seemingly put to rest any notions of his playing for FC Barcelona this season, stating that he’s only training with the club and that it wouldn’t be ‘fair’ were he activated only to have to return to America for the NBA season. With his addition to the team, Gasol reckons that ‘the Barça game would change. In the end, my starting the season with the team would penalize them.'”