Paul George Says He Would Beat Kevin Durant 1-on-1

by December 12, 2013

Despite considering him the toughest cover in the NBA, Paul George still believes he’d come out on top if he went 1-on-1 with Kevin Durant. Per the Oklahoman: “Throughout the early part of this season, NBA TV has been running a hypothetical one-on-one tournament, matching the game’s greatest current players and allowing the fans to vote on who would win. The current showdown: Kevin Durant vs. Paul George. The in-progress fan results: Durant 66 percent to George’s 34 percent. ‘One-on-one, that’s what I do, that’s what I grew up on,’ Durant said when asked of the hypothetical matchup. ‘That’s how I kinda molded my game. So I feel as though he is one of the top one-on-one players and I am one of the top, as well. It’d be a good matchup. I won’t say who’d win, but it’d be a good matchup.’ George, however, was more up front with his prediction when asked by NBA TV. ‘What am I going to do? Beat him,’ George said. ‘I think it would be tougher for him one-on-one. When we play them, he does a lot of movement, so I think it would be a pretty even match.'”