Paul George Thinks He Can Limit Carmelo Anthony

by May 10, 2013

Indiana Pacers swingman Paul George lamented that he didn’t get more opportunities to check Carmelo Anthony in Game 2 (during which Melo got loose for 32 points.) George says he’s the only Pacer with a realistic chance at slowing down the Knicks’ superstar. Per the NY Post: “George said he feels his speed and quickness can be more of a factor against Anthony than the size of David West. Look at Anthony’s 11-point, fourth quarter assault in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. ‘He went on a stretch [when] I wasn’t guarding, wasn’t matched up with him. That kind of freed him up, gave him some good looks. He’s got quick feet,’ George said after Pacers practice Thursday. ‘Taking nothing away from David West, he played phenomenal defense on him, but [Anthony’s] first step is pretty quick. That freed him a couple of plays. I wish I would’ve stayed on him. I’ve just got to fight through the screens. That’s what we tried to do. If it was me and David West, we would switch off. But I’ll just fight through it. I’ll make sure I’m locked in on him as much as I could.'”