Paul George Unhappy With ‘Sh–ty Officiating’

Paul George could live with Gerald Henderson’s antics Monday night—it was the refs’ incompetence that truly got under the All-Star forward’s skin.

George was fed up with the “shitty officiating” in the Pacers’ critical 120-111 road win against the Sixers.

PG and the Pacers head into the final regular season game with their Playoff fate yet to be determined.

Per the Indy Star:

George left the court inside the Wells Fargo Center to a chorus of boos from 76ers fans. George said he plans to contact the players association to appeal to the league that the technical fouls should be reviewed and rescinded.


“Hopefully the league looks at what happened and they clean that up,” George said. “I didn’t deserve either one of them technicals. Terrible officiating job.”


Then George gave his opinion on why he felt Henderson was frustrated.


“For whatever reason, he doesn’t like getting scored on by me,” George said. “I get this every time he’s at home. I guess that’s where he feels confident. He’s sweet on the road, but at home is when he gets some nuts.”