Paul Pierce: 20,000 Point Man

by November 04, 2010

The Truth became just the third Celtic ever to reach the 20,000 point mark last night, and it was quite an emotional experience for him and the fans. From the Boston Globe: ‘Coming into the game I knew it,’ said Pierce. ‘But I didn’t want to press it. I knew I needed 23 I think tonight to get it, I knew once I got to 22 I looked up and it was a great opportunity.’bThe points that put Pierce over the top came on a pair of free throws that put the Celtics up 101-97 with 13.3 seconds remaining in overtime. The game was still very much on the line at that point, making the milestone at once overshadowed and more significant. ‘When I thought about it it wouldn’t have felt this good if we didn’t get the win,’ said Pierce. ‘So I tried to keep my composer relax take deep breathes and I got the throws. You know it was an emotional moment for me, tough for me to swallow. I was just thinking about all the years I have been here, and you don’t see it to often where a player accomplishes that kind of feet playing with one team. It is a great accomplishment you know the fans seeing my ups and downs throughout the years and sticking with me. Just to be able to accomplish this type of feet it means a lot to me. I am not going to downplay it.'”