Paul Pierce: Clippers are a ‘Super Team’

by September 29, 2016

Paul Pierce says the LA Clippers belong in the same category as the NBA’s other so-called “super” teams.

Pierce cites the stars that dot the Clips’ roster, and wonders aloud why they shouldn’t be considered among the League’s truly eite.

The 38-year-old hopes to contend for one final championship before calling it quits next summer.

Per the LA Times:

“To me, I think we have a super team here,” Pierce stated at Clippers media day on Monday. “You look at Chris Paul who’s been first-team all-NBA … Blake Griffin first-team … DeAndre Jordan currently first-team All-NBA.


“I mean how many teams can currently say that? You have the best three-point shooter in the NBA (J.J. Redick). You have the Sixth Man of the Year (Jamal Crawford). I mean why is this not a super team? What defines super team? When you look at those stats and you hear when I’m saying, this could very well easily be what’s considered a super team.”


Pierce conceded that the Warriors are also a super team, and added that Derrick Rose said the Knicks are. That leaves three of them, by his unofficial count, and his focus now is helping the Clippers stand out of the pack. […] “I don’t know how many super teams are out there, but there’s definitely three,” Pierce said, laughing. “Now I get an opportunity to play on another one on the Los Angeles Clippers. We just have to go out there and win it now, so we can be kind of inked into the history books as one of the great super teams.”