Paul Pierce on Clutch 3: ‘Thought That Was Our Best Shot’

by June 06, 2012

With the Boston Celtics holding on a to a 1-point lead late in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night, Paul Pierce pulled up for a gutsy (if questionable) three-pointer with LeBron James closing in on him. It splashed through the hoop, and catapulted the Celtics into the series lead. Pierce said afterward that he never had any doubts. Per the Boston Herald: “Was Pierce thinking 3 the whole time? ‘It’s kind of hard to say in those situations,’ he said. ‘Things are going so fast. You kind of play on instincts.’ But … ‘I saw him back up,’ Pierce said, referring to LeBron’s Welcome Wagon. ‘He gave me a step. I knew it was within my range. The shot clock was winding down …’ So he took the shot. Up went LeBron’s arm. Down went the ball, into the basket. ‘That’s just being in those moments so many times,’ Pierce said. ‘And understanding what your team needs, and being able to concentrate and get the best shot for us. I thought that was our best shot. Once I saw him back up, then I was able to knock it down.'”