Paul Pierce’s Game 2 Plan

by June 06, 2010

As reported by “Pierce’s formula for success in Game 2 tonight? ‘Our execution is going to be there, our defensive scheme is going to be there,’’ he said. ‘It’s just about how hard, how willing you are to sacrifice your body, go out there and do it, on the court for 48 minutes. We haven’t changed too much throughout the whole year, throughout the playoffs, about the way we play, about the way we prepare, so we just have to go out there a little bit faster, a little bit harder. Obviously, we have three games at home, but the most important game is the next game up, and that’s No. 2. We don’t want to dig ourselves too deep of a hole. We haven’t been in a two-game deficit in all playoffs. It’s definitely important for us to bounce back in Game 2, so we don’t find ourselves clawing to get back in the series before you go home for three games. Either way, when you go home, games aren’t guaranteed. Even though you’ve got three games, you’ve still got to go and play them.’’’