Pearl Monroe: Carmelo Can Wear No. 15

The number 15 jersey has been retired for 25 years, but Carmelo, after his Knicks debut last week, asked Earl Monroe about dusting off the No. 15. From the NY Post: “Monroe’s 15 was retired in 1986 and again for Dick McGuire in 1992. McGuire passed away last year. ‘He talked to me on the podium after the press conference and I told him I’m fine with it but he’d have to ask the McGuires,’ Monroe told The Post. ‘Fifteen, it’s just a number to me. I’d be honored if he wore it.’ Anthony just missed the March 1 deadline to apply for a new jersey number for next season. ‘I wish I can take it back down,’ Anthony said. ‘Talking to Earl, I don’t know what I’ve got to go through to get it. I’ll wear it in his honor.'”