Peja Stojakovic: ‘It’s Obvious I’m Not in the [Hornets’] Plans’

by November 08, 2010

No more retirement talk, but it’s a new day in the Big Easy, and it doesn’t involve Peja (despite the heavy cost). From the Times-Picayune: “He’s on the periphery at present, on the outside looking in at the New Orleans Hornets’ historic 6-0 start. Since last Wednesday night when New Orleans beat the Houston Rockets, veteran forward Peja Stojakovic has been on the inactive list, three games with no opportunity to contribute as the Hornets sprinted out to an unbeaten start and became relevant once again in the NBA. They are the surprise team in the league at the outset, fueled by a young, athletic, defensive-minded group that has left a one-dimensional offensive threat a spectator, earning about $183,000 per game for cheering on his teammates. Stojakovic, at one time one of the most feared scorers in the NBA, finds his career at a crossroads … ‘It’s obvious I’m not in the plans,’ Stojakovic said. ‘I’m not looking long term. I’m looking at this year. I’m real about it. It’s just moving on with our career and lives. It is what it is. I’m a pro, and I’m going to stay pro,’ Stojakovic said. ‘That’s as far as I can say. I feel great. Physically, I feel great. I haven’t felt better in the last two or three years. But it’s something that we have discussed, and it’s clear to me that the team has different plans. So I’m just going to be a pro. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect our coaches or our organization. Or vice versa. We just go from here.'”