Phil Jackson: Derrick Rose Needs Help in Chicago

by October 28, 2011

The Zen Master is approximately the 859th million person to point out that Derrick Rose, offensively speaking, is basically all alone in the Windy City. Via USA Today: “Phil Jackson thinks Bulls guard Derrick Rose should be hanging out a ‘Help wanted’ sign. Appearing on the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN 1000, Jackson said the team overachieved last year and need to get some additional pieces. ‘They still have to have some steady shooters from the outside to complement the penetration they have, and then (Carlos) Boozer has to have that post-up game that he was brought there to give them. They just can’t be one-dimensional in that regard. They have to have those complementary pieces to assist Rose in his game … He shows himself to be unstoppable, and that’s a real tremendous year he had last year,’ said Jackson of Rose. ‘And the way (coach Tom Thibodeau) used him magnified that and made him such a difficult player to contest and contend with.'”