Phil Jackson on Disastrous Knicks Season: ‘I Take Responsibility’

by January 10, 2015

Before the Knicks tipped off against the Hornets on Saturday, Phil Jackson told the media that he takes full responsibility for the Knicks’ disastrous season. The Knicks president defended Derek Fisher, saying, “He’s doing the best job possible” and added that “no one should be surprised” if the Knicks make another trade before the deadline. Per ESPN:

Phil Jackson delivered a message to New York Knicks fans on Saturday afternoon: Blame me for the team’s disastrous season.


“This is a mea culpa. I take responsibility for it,” Jackson said


Jackson reiterated on Saturday that he thought the Knicks would be a playoff team this season. Instead, things have gone horribly wrong for Jackson and the Knicks.


He added that he didn’t want fans to blame first-year head coach Derek Fisher for the Knicks’ struggles.


“The fans, I want them to leave Derek alone in this regard. He’s doing the best job possible. It’s not his fault,” Jackson said.