Phil Jackson is a Consultant for the Los Angeles Lakers

The Zen Master has made it clear on numerous occassions that he’s done with coaching. Still, Phil Jackson continues to be an influential voice around the NBA, and he’s even consulting with his old team. Well, sort of. Jackson has been in touch with the Los Angeles Lakers’ front-office in an unofficial capacity, though that could potentially change going forward. Per the LA Daily News: “My message to Lakers fans is Phil is a part of the organization because of me,’ said Jeanie Buss, who’s the Lakers’ executive vice president of business operations and serves as the team’s governor. ‘He’s part of my life and part of my family. He’s always in Laker world, no matter if he has an official position or not.’ Would Buss want Jackson to have an official position with the team? ‘I think we’re in good hands with our front office,’ said Buss, referring to Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and her brother, Jim, the team’s vice president of basketball operations. ‘Jim and Mitch know Phil is a phone call away. He’s always available. He would always do anything to help, support or listen. It’s like we’re all family.’ […] Kupchak confirmed Jackson ‘s revelation that they talked ‘in the past couple of weeks’ about unspecified issues concerning the Lakers. ‘I’m not sure why somebody like Phil isn’t working for an NBA club right now,’ Kupchak said. ‘He has so much to offer to any franchise. Even though he doesn’t have an official role with us, he’s a consultant of sorts.’ […] ‘It’s not something I expect them to rely on me for information. But I’m there to offer it,’ Jackson said. ‘They asked if I can be of assistance. I said yeah, I’ll help in whatever area you need to have help.’ Jackson declined to specify those issues, but there’s one thing clear. Despite the insistent ‘We Want Phil’ chants permeating Staples Center, the Lakers won’t bring back Jackson to coach. Kupchak has already publicly maintained Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni will return next season. The Lakers’ front office also believes a full training camp and a healthier roster will ensure D’Antoni fares better than a first-round exit to the San Antonio Spurs. […] But how much confidence does Jackson have that he will have a larger role with the Lakers? ‘Jimmy obviously has a long term contract,’ said Jackson, who added they have a ‘casual relationship.’ ‘I don’t see any need to have a future role right now. There may be at some point, but at this point I don’t see it happening.'”