Phil Jackson And Kristaps Porzingis’ Brother Discussed Skipped Exit Meeting

Knicks president Phil Jackson recently spoke with Kristaps Porzingis‘ brother in New York about the star forward skipping his exit meeting.

According to the Daily News, the sit down wasn’t very effective in repairing the apparently strained relationship.

Knicks president Phil Jackson met recently with Kristaps Porzingis’ brother to discuss some of the issues that prompted the Latvian star to skip out on his exit meeting, the Daily News has learned.


However, the lengthy sit-down in New York accomplished very little to bridge the chasm as Jackson remained steadfast in his ways and direction, according to a team source.

In addition, the Knicks are not retaining assistant coach Josh Longstaff, who is said to have a strong relationship with Porzingis and several other young players.

Longstaff was the lone Knicks coach to attend Porzingis’ camp in Latvia last summer.

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