Phil Jackson Reportedly Prefers Brian Shaw Over Derek Fisher for Knicks’ Coach

by May 22, 2014

With Steve Kerr gone to the Warriors, it looked like Knicks president Phil Jackson had his eyes set on Oklahoma City guard Derek Fisher to take the team’s head coaching vacancy. However, a New York Post report contradicts that belief, and instead reports that Denver coach Brian Shaw tops Jackson’s wish list.

Via New York Post:

According to a source, Jackson, the Knicks president, prefers Shaw over Fisher, but the Nuggets would require the Knicks to pay compensation. That appears to be a bigger roadblock to getting Shaw out of his Denver contract than Shaw’s reluctance to come to New York. It’s unclear whether Jackson has formally asked the Nuggets permission to speak to Shaw.


The source said Jackson hasn’t given up total hope he somehow can pry Shaw from Denver, especially if the Fisher scenario falls through.


Interestingly, the Nuggets propped up Shaw on the dais of Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery. He finished his first season in Denver without a playoff berth amid some rumblings the players weren’t thrilled with him. The Nuggets didn’t improve their lottery position and will pick 11th.


“I’m happy where I am,” Shaw told The Post on his way out of the lottery room Tuesday night. “I have a job here, so all the speculation that’s out there, that’s just speculation.”